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Friday, 9 August 2013

Thought I'd do something a bit different yet something that I personally find quite interesting. Recently, I've been drinking more of a variety of different branded drinks. From cold coffees to fruity drinks, my interest in trying new drinks has grown. Below are 9 drinks that I love and believe to be the best 9 drinks there are at the moment, well that is until I try something new of course. For each drink I'll explain where it's from, how much it is, what it is and why I like it. Okay here goes...

M&S Vanilla Bean and Maple Syrup Smoothie (top right)

Tried this for the first time this week whilst using M&S as a shortcut to get to the car after what I call and unsuccessful shopping trip with my Mum. Shopping is, as everyone knows, a tiring hobby and so I was quite obviously parched. So whilst cutting through Marks and Spencer I picked up this from their huge variety of assorted drinks. What caught my eye at first was the Vanilla Bean and Maple Syrup together without including something sickly like banana as well. You can't really say no to a smoothie, I mean come on it sounds delicious, and so it was. The first swig really quenched my thirst and gave me that so needed "ahh" feeling. A couple of gulps later the true vanilla flavour really exposed itself amongst the aroma and subtleness of the maple syrup. Towards the end of the bottle the drink became more of a yoghurty meal rather than a drink, it was satisfactory filling and worth it. With only 220 calories per 330ml bottle, it was a cheeky drink that I certainly would devour again. A 330ml bottle cost £1.90 from Marks and Spencer and they also did a smaller 250ml bottle for £1.00 which I would probably get instead next time. 

Iced Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee Over Ice Cubes (top middle)

A personal favourite of mine from Costa at only £2.95 for a Primo (small). In this recent summer heat it's refreshing qualities make me crave it every time I'm hot and near a Costa - any excuse to get 10 points on my Costa Card. Unlike a normal iced coffee, strong kicks of hazelnut are injected amongst dashes of cream. Personally, I think this drink should only be drunk ice cold rather than hot as the true refreshment of the drink is only truly appreciated. When first given the drink looks separated with dark shades of brown at the top, followed by a  lighter brown in the middle and then a pure white milky bottom, but once mixed the drink becomes an inviting coffee brown colour and the sharpness of the hazelnut is dissolved and drinkable. Costa also do a number of different Flavoured Iced Coffees which I have yet to try such as Vanilla and Cinnamon.

Ribena Pineapple & Passion Fruit (top right)

This is Ribena's newest fruity summer drink and is a perfect easy drinking summery thurst quencher. It's sharp, punchy infusions of pineapple and passion fruit tickle your taste buds whilst suppressing your thirst. I had never tried Ribena before this due to all the harsh additives and flavour enhances, but this drink agreed to not contain any additives, flavours or false colouring. Infanct, it contained Vitamin B and C, making it a healthy Ribena alternative. Not only did the packaging look inviting but the price was only 99p in a local petrol station. A definite must have drink this summer.

Tizio Ready to Drink Cappuccino (middle left) 

A cheap alternative to other branded cold coffees, this Aldi special is a tradition for me and my Dad to buy upon every journey to Aldi. At only 65p this hands down beats all the other brands of cold coffee, even on taste it still comes out on top. The only down fall would be the fact that there is no straw with it nor a drinking hole so the only way to drink it is as if its from a cup. Cold coffee has been a worth while switch from the usual hot stuff for me, especially this summer. I've even started to collect the cups themselves and make my own version by mixing instant coffee with some semi skimmed milk, a couple spoons of sugar and then leaving it in the fridge to chill.

Vita Coco Natural Coconut Water (middle) 

Cute little thing this coconut water. I had seen it on instagram previously and wanted to try it. It comes in a sweet re-screwable carton and is served chilled. Coconut water itself contains many positive health qualities such as the fact that it's bursting with naturally occurring electrolytes, high numbers of potassium, no fat and no cholesterol. It's a hydratingly good alternative to plain water as I personally dislike water. The taste itself is a very acquired one and contains a perfect balance of sweet and sour flavouring with a refreshing kick. I bought this from Co-op for £1.59 but it can also be purchased in other supermarkets and in litre cartons as well.

M&S Raspberry and Rooibos Tea (middle right)

Another one of Mark's and Spencer many chilled drinks. This comes from their flavoured tea range and is one of my favourites. The mix between fruity essences and powerful tea flavours is perfect, the raspberries only just tingle your tastebuds without singeing them dramatically. A very unusual, refreshing drink that I'm so glad I was available to try. I strongly recommend having a look and trying as many M&S drinks as you can, they're true to the value and the unique flavour combinations are quirky and rather tasty. This smaller 250ml bottle came in at only £1.00 but like with all Marks and Spencer drinks a larger 330ml option is available at a slightly higher price of £1.90.

Naked Green Machine (bottom left) 

This is probably one of my favourite drinks ever as it is bursting with flavour and filled with so many fruit and veggies. However intimidating the colour of the smoothie is, it actually tastes rather nice! It's packed with 10 "supercool" ingredients as well as bursting with Vitamins A and C and contains no added sugar or preservatives. Inside each 450ml Green Machine is one pound of fruit by being 3 and 1/3 apples, 1 whole banana, 1/3 of a kiwi, 1/3 of a mango, 1 pineapple slice and a variety of leafed vegetables such as broccoli, spinach and barely grass. A very filling smoothie, I recommended drinking it over the period of a day as well as a varied and balanced diet. This antioxidant of a smoothie and all it's botanical extracts is really worth the expensive price of £2.49 that it is. Sainsburys are my only local seller of the Naked brand and larger bottles are available in two other flavours of Pink and Orange.

Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey (bottom middle) 

This itself is a famous American drink and has recently become popular in the UK through the new craze that is American sweet shops, or should I say "candy stores". A shop named American Fizz has recently opened near me and as well as selling thousands of traditional American sweets, crisps and cereals it also sells a vast amount of American drinks, some being American versions of Coca
 Cola and others including this one being original, inivitive canned drinks. This was a very large bottle and the only one they sold of that flavour, well you know what America is like - the bigger, the better! It also stated on the bottle that it did contain 3 servings, but I had it all to myself. I'm a big fan of green tea and other fruit flavoured tea drinks and to find it cold in a can was new for me. Firstly, the can looked so pretty and inviting that It was hard to say no. Then second of all, the added flavours of Ginseng and honey made it extra intriguing. I had never heard of Ginseng before but I now know that I love it. The bitterness of the green tea was well masked amongst injections of this Ginseng ingredient followed by sweet gulps of honey. Both my friend and I bought the same drink and only a few minutes later it was gone despite being a very large 800ml can, it just shows how truly delicious it was! The can itself displays that it was only 99 cents but being in England that was not the price I was made to pay, infact I was made to pay just over double at £1.99! Overall the drink was wonderful and the can made a very quirky decoration to my room.

Premium Don Simon 100% Pure Squeezed Smooth Spanish Orange Juice (bottom right) 

Don Simon is THE best orange juice brand there is out there, hands down beating Tropicana and other competitors. It's sweet, smooth orangeyness really shines in every glass and being 100% pure squeezed really makes the difference. Unlike other orange juices I've tried, and boy have I tried a few, the sharp, sour flavour orange juice can have isn't present and only silky, fruity flavours are apparent - must be because its Spanish. As a family we prefer smooth with no bits but the version with bits is fab too. This is a brilliant breakfast juice drink accompanying cereal or even as a healthy snack. Don Simon can be bought everywhere and the price often fluctuates due to specfic shop deals and offers. I got this from Asda for 2 for £2 but it's usual retail price is £1.80. By far my favourite orange juice their is, Don Simon you don.

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